Increase Productivity by adding ONE thing. What is that one thing you may ask? Understanding the true meaning of Productivity is important.

What is true productivity?

Productivity is defined as the measure of human efficiency in accomplishing important tasks within a certain period of time.

The difference to the meaning of productivity in economics is, true productivity is not necessarily measured by the quantity of work carried out or produced but the quality of the activities actually accomplished.

Quality as in value or importance of activity and Quality as in how it was accomplished.

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Honestly, even if we know something is important doesn’t mean we want to get it done.

Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker said, “If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.”

The feeling of not wanting to do something may overwhelm us to the point of procrastinating to start or complete a task.

What is needed to increase productivity?

JOY- The least Spoken of Ingredient

Joy demonstrated
The least spoken of but most powerful ingredient for increased productivity is JOY

What is Joy?

Joy is the feeling experienced by an expectation of good, or the experience of great pleasure or delight.

 Going back to Jim Rohn’s quote even if something is important if we do not want to do it we will keep making excuses. Not accomplishing these important tasks will reduce productivity.

So the aim is to move change of towards the activity; we should want to.

For example, I detest doing reports. It is so long, tedious, and boring, I honestly prefer to do anything else.

What is that task you dislike doing?

Do you dislike cleaning, attending meetings, grocery shopping? Then Add Joy!

You must have heard the statement many times: ‘Time flies when you having fun.’

Time remains the same, It’s not like a minute moves from being 60seconds to 30. The added ingredient was Joy.

We become so absorbed in the activity we are enjoying it appears to be over before we know it. Hours pass by because of the pleasure of accomplishing the task. And next time we look forward eagerly to the activity.

Increase Productivity by adding Joy.

6 Ways to Add Joy to Activities

1)Attach a reward

Reward yourself- Add Joy
The task may start off heavy but attach a reward on completion, it makes the task appears lighter

Recapping part of the definition for Joy; “the feeling experienced by the expectation of good.” We are beings, molded to be driven by punishment and reward.

Most of the time we tap into the punishment end of the spectrum to motivate us to act. The activity or task may get done, but either out of fear, which adds anxiety, or may get done begrudged and quality can be compromised.

But rewards lure us to WANT to get something done. And if we want to get something done we will.   

For example: When I have a large number of reports to accomplish, I batch them and after each batch, I reward myself with an episode of my favorite series on Netflix. For me, the time I normally take to complete a batch is 2hours and 15 to 30mins. So without guilt, I take in my 40mins long episode.

Rewards can come in different ways. What gets you excited? Food? Social media? Whatever it is, reward yourself accordingly.

Let the work balance the reward and with my example not necessarily in time taken to accomplish the task. Everything is in moderation.

If I were to overindulge in reward, my level of pleasure would decrease. In economics, the term is diminishing returns to scale. A lecturer once illustrated it does not matter how much we like ice cream, it reaches a point where each spoon thereafter becomes least appealing.

Our aim is to add delight or Joy, not minus it.

2)Involve a Friend

Add Joy- Work with a friend
Working together with a friend who adds to the activity and shares the weight helps to add joy.

When at work you may have this one person you enjoy working along with, or at home, your mate makes the most daunting task refreshing. It could even be a sibling or a good friend.

Who makes you smile when you face a hard day? Or really helped you when you had that big project to complete? Whoever came to mind, that person I am referring to.

Get that person involved. For example: If there is a section on the report that my confidant can accomplish, I discuss it with them.

If the task is accomplished together in person, have light snacks, refreshing drinks all to ease the weight of the assignment.

The discussions among yourselves prove will prove to make things light and even easier than anticipated. Even if it’s over the phone, you will have someone checking in on your progress.

This reminds me of a 3-month project I got involved in. After the first week, I regretted signing up. Then my work buddy joined. It turned out to be the best 3-months and the result of our hard work was nationwide recognition.

You may have different confidants for different tasks, that is ok. But having help lightens the load either literally or mentally.  


Add Joy Have Fun
Add Joy, Have Fun

As kids just hearing the word game made us excited. As adults we still get excited.

The games changed as we grew older but we all love games. What game app do you have downloaded on your phone? Or when last have you attended a bridal shower or baby shower without games?

Games once used right can stimulate us in so many ways. It can certainly bring us joy.

Making a game out of any activity can be so simple but effective. For example: With my reports mentioned earlier, how do you think I know exactly how long it takes?

For each batch, I know how many scripts are entailed. I time myself efficiently getting one script completed. With a quick calculation, I know how many scripts I should complete in 10mins. I set aside the amount, set my timer to buzz off after the 10mins. I say aloud, “on my marks, get set go!” as I press the countdown. If I get it done I shout out loud in triumphant. If I don’t I shout out, “o no!”

I may even get my mate involved. Use this as an opportunity to store up on some truth and dares to be played at a later time. Or set a time for both you and you’re selected confidant to get a certain activity done.

4)Have a Clean and Organized Environment

Add Joy with clean and organized environment
Have your environment you are working in clean and organized.

How do you feel after a long hard day at work and to come home to a cluttered or messy house? More frustrated or depressed I am sure. But what if you were to open the door and the place is neat and clean.

A light feeling overcomes us. That is the power of a clean and organized space. If we really find it hard to do an activity, why add ‘weight’ to it by a cluttered unkempt space. Lighten the load by cleaning your environment.

Don’t be afraid to personalize the space you will be working in with removal objects.

If I am doing work at a desk I love having a pillow behind my back, my books laid out, reports batched, and even color-coded with ‘post its’.

5)Take Breaks

Take a break
Recharge: Take a break

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Do not be afraid to take timely breaks, it helps to rejuvenate us and in turn increases our productivity.

6)Dress and Act The Part

Add Joy Dress the Part

If we are conscious about a body odor or hole in our garment it affects our confidence. Putting on the right clothing or something you consider to be appropriate for the task affects our mental attitude and how we approach the task.

For example: If I am up late at night working I avoid putting on my pajamas because mentally I am telling my brain or self I’m ready to sleep.

Or if I am going to do garden work putting on offices attire doesn’t put me in a frame of mind for gardening.

And simply, dressing the part actually makes it more fun. Remember adding joy is the aim.

Even acting the part helps. It’s like hacking your brain momentarily. I mimic persons a lot. This adds joy because I laugh at myself while I pretend to be my boss or some famous chef.

We wouldn’t always love what we have to do but we could want to do it by adding joy to it. Joy makes us want to do a task and moves us to do it well. This in turn increases productivity.

How to add Joy