Habits can be likened to fire, it can be a welcoming light and heat in a dark cold area or it can be a ferocious flame destroying life and property.

You work and put effort into something because you desire it to be successful. But the reality at times is there are things you are doing keeping you from success.

Productivity habits
Habits can be good or bad

What are Habits?

Habits are processes by which behaviors become automatic. These behaviors can form without intent to acquire them or can be deliberate.

Assess your life, and determine which habits you may have unconsciously developed that may be detrimental to your success.  

Below is a list of 10 habits keeping you from achieving your success.

10 Habits Highly Productive Persons have Replaced

Success- Break Free of Bad Habits

1- Negative Self Talk

“There is no one on earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake.”

Many times we hold back because of the voice in our head telling us, we may fail or what would others think.

All those negative thoughts will hold you back. Don’t be afraid of failure, and don’t be overly concerned with what other people think of you.

“Failure is a hurdle on the road to success.”

Overcome negative self-thoughts and even if it may cause you to stumble, get up and keep moving, success awaits.

Replace negativity with positive thoughts. Think ahead to your goal, and focus now on what you need to do to reach them and focus on that.

2- Multitasking

You may be able to combine some activities without losing focus; like listening to music while cleaning or cooking. However, attempting to focus on two tasks that require concentration will result in both being negatively affected.

Replace multitasking with training yourself to focus on one task at a time.

Not all tasks have equal weight so the key is deciding which task to accomplish first.

You will accomplish higher quality and even greater quantity of activities by focusing on one important task at a time and eliminating distractions.

3- Incomplete tasks

Time appears to ‘fly’ away from us at times, leaving us with incomplete tasks and more added to our to-do list.

By avoiding habit two (highlighted above) you will reap the benefit of being able to complete tasks.

The ‘weight’ of incomplete tasks can quickly accumulate.

The stress of looking for time to complete unfinished tasks along with new ones can cause us to feel demotivated. 

More tasks will be added and the stress of finishing all adds up.

In addition, a lingering feeling of failure may develop.

Replace the habit of having incompleted tasks with completing tasks. That will give you a feeling of accomplishment and success.

When scheduling tasks be reasonable and realistic to allow for completion. And not multitasking will increase the chances of completion.

4- Overscheduling

Have you ever had the chance to take out your own food at a buffet when you were extremely hungry? 

I did, and most times I end up taking out more than I could eat.

You may have the desire to succeed and may be working hard to achieve success in your latest project or attaining a goal. But don’t fool yourself into thinking squeezing more into your planner or schedule will help you achieve more.

That’s like taking out more food at a buffet than you can realistically eat. 

Quality over Quantity always. In cases of scheduling, less is more.

Time blocking activities back to back is not realistic nor reasonable. It may look nice and seem like a potentially productive day or week but all you are doing is setting yourself up for failure.

Leave a window of time in-between activities. These are buffer times. These buffer times allow for unforeseen events that may distract you from completing activities, or just taking a break before moving on to other tasks.

5- No Breaks

Breaks help refresh the mind and body, recharging it for more ahead. Not taking breaks does not increase productivity but reduces it.

By planning and scheduling properly you should have short breaks in-between important or weighty tasks.

These short periods in between completed tasks also allow for you to reflect and allow the feeling of satisfaction to sink in. 

So taking a 10minutes break in between lengthy tasks will help increase motivation, momentum, and productivity.

6- Poor scheduling

This is when you place a task in the wrong period of the day.

Do you know your peak hours?

Is it 5 to 7 am? 12noon to 2 pm? Or is it 10 pm to 12midnight?

Whatever your peak hours, place your most important activity during this time. 

As indicated in the habit to avoid point 4, just placing a large number of important tasks in a day is not good scheduling and will not make you more productive.

For each day have a task you deem as most important and in your peak hours schedule it. This will assure efficiency and effectiveness and even a deeper sense of accomplishment and success.

7- Going to bed without planning for tomorrow

‘Time waits on no one.’ 

Waking up without a plan causes people to waste this valuable asset (TIME).

“The plan of the diligent one leads to success.” Plan tonight for tomorrow and conquer tomorrow with purpose.

Replace no plan with a purpose.

Tonight, plan out what tasks you wish to accomplish tomorrow, what you desire to wear, and what lunch you intend to eat. Doing these will save you time to invest wisely in important things. It will increase productivity and success.

8- Relying on your memory

Our beautifully designed brain helps us to come up with solutions to problems, express ourselves, and be creative but may fail us when we want to recall even important things.

It is ok if you forget. That is why it’s important to write things down. 

Do not underestimate the power of writing it down.

Successful persons accept this fact and many have developed a system of planning. One step in their system would entail storing their ideas. notes and planned activities on schedules, calendars, and journals (even electronically).

Don’t Replace your brain but add to it but jotting things down.

9- Not Mediating

Taking a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on your accomplishments helps build the feeling of satisfaction and intrinsic motivation.

Within that time of mediating outlining some things you are greatly appreciative for that day helps build a positive attitude and affects your momentum.

Making time at the beginning of every day to ponder on the task at hand and how you planned to carry them out will increase productivity.

Also taking time to ponder on positive things in life don’t matter how small is important. 

“A calm heart gives life to the body.”

Making time to read and ponder on positive material can be the refreshment you need.

10- Binge-watching movies or TV to relieve stress

Having Me-Time is important. It helps us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Some people find comfort in watching their favorite TV show or movie. Nothing is wrong with that.

However, spending hours scrolling through the internet, episodes after episodes can be time being eaten away from the more important this. 

The things that will lead you to success.

Replace some of that time with self-development or spiritual activities, family time, exercise, development of your business or other important activities will definitely help you on the journey to success. 

Demonstrate self-control in how much entertainment you engage in, to achieve greater things.

And the thing is even if you are successful already these tips will keep you moving forward not backward. 


Highly Productive- Don't give up with entwined habits

All the persons you deem successful had to sacrifice these habits to achieve their goals.

These 10 Habits highlighted in this article may be more entwined than you think. So it may take time to replace them, but do not give up.

View bad habits as hurdles on your journey to success. Some you will successfully leap over, and some may cause you to stumble but either way, keep moving forward, your success awaits. And if you reach, it is yours to keep. 

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