True Productivity is NOT necessarily measured by the number of tasks we accomplish over a period of time. If it were, then it would be a synonym for busy.

If you are like me, you love to keep busy but being busy is not always productive. We want to ensure we are the definition of productivity.

What does productivity mean?

Productivity Defined

The definition of productivity in economics is output per unit of input meaning, the greater in quantity the output the better.

Productivity Definition (

But as we know the more we do in our life does not necessarily mean better quality of life.

We could be busy recreating, watching television, scrolling through social media for hours. But barely making time for family, our health, and meeting important deadlines.

So Productivity in life is a measure of human efficiency in accomplishing important tasks within a certain period of time. It is not measured by the number of tasks but the quality.  

Nothing is wrong with being a busy bee, I love being busy but a real synonym for productivity is yield, or quality produced.

So productivity is truly defined as the quality of yield or produce based on what we put in.

Why Productivity Matters?

Productivity is important because the time spent cannot be returned but what we choose to invest our time in can yield long-lasting results.

So busy bee let us be determined to focus on accomplishing important tasks that contribute to the quality of yield.

You may say, “all work and no play can make us dull girls” and that is true.

What if I told you the greatest advantage to being truly productive is getting the important stuff done and getting playtime?

Let us play a game

You have a bucket, huge rocks, gravel, and sand. As seen in the image.

Productivity Defined
Productivity Game

Fit ALL the material into the bucket.

Easy you say?

Well, attempt it using your mind’s eye.

Select which order you will but in the items.

  1. Pebbles, sand and then huge rocks
  2. Sand Pebbles and thenhuge rocks
  3. Huge rocks, pebbles and then sand

If you selected options 1 or 2 I’m sorry all the sand and pebbles may fit but not all the huge rocks

Not true Productivity
Not True Productivity

But if you put the rocks in first and everything else after, then the other items will most likely fit.

The huge rock will take priority leaving room in between for the pebbles to fit, the spaces in between the pebbles and rocks will be small but will allow the sand to filter in.

True productivity
True Productivity

Let’s call this game True Productivity.

The huge rocks represent the more important things in our life.

The pebbles are also important activities but may not necessarily be primary in our life.

The sand is important but tertiary to the other activities.

By making room for the more important things first everything else would fall in place because there is room.

But if we waste time on tertiary things in life first and then try to squeeze in the important things we will end up busy but not truly productive.

We have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, about 720 hours in a month, and over 8760 hours in a year, we can get it done.

But do we get it done?

How Productivity can be increased?

Productivity will likely increase as a result of applying my 3 step guide. I call it the 3Ps.

Steps to increase productivity

I started applying these steps in my life and it works!

Try it in your life and tell me if it worked for you.

Read the article for details of these three steps. (Increase Productivity With 3 Powerful Steps – Busy Career Woman)

To answer the question in-depth, how productivity (based on the real definition discussed previously) can be increased? The focus is on the 2nd step or the 2nd P, Prioritizing.

We defined productivity as a measure of human efficiency in accomplishing important tasks within a certain time period, producing quality yield.

So determining what is important to you is crucial.

The things we determine as important, contribute to measuring our productivity. The accomplishment of these things is what determines our true productivity.

For me, I owe everything I have to the Creator. My spirituality is important. Your spirituality may be important to you as well but if it is, do you have a fixed time and day/s during the week to engage in such activities?

The answer should be yes If it is truly important in your life.

My husband and family are important to me as well. I’m sure your family is for you.

Then the question is, do you have a time or day to spend quality moments with the husband, kids, or love ones? Again the answer should be yes.

Things like secular work (8 to 4 Monday to Friday) Doctors’ appointments are important. How do we know? They are given specific days, and times in which they get done.

So, how can we increase productivity?

Implement my 3step guide and focus on prioritizing what is important to you.

The downside to the wrong concept of productivity

  • Thinking we must get it all done.
  • Thinking quality yield comes over night
  • Thinking we are not producing because we not instantly see the results
  • Thinking true productivity starts with big steps
  • Thinking we are too ingrained to change
  • Thinking this is all I’m capable of

Productivity is defined in our life not just based on the quantity of output based on what we put in, but based on the quality which will enhance life.

Prioritizing things in our lives and making time for the more important things first allows us to truly be productive.

Don’t measure your productivity by the quantity of accomplished activities in your busy life but by the quality of accomplished tasks.