DO you want to unlock your highest level of productivity? You can! Do you want to gain 5 hours and more a week? You can! Just like a door to your home, to unlock productivity you need the right key. What is your personal productivity system? The Key is yours to unlock your highest level of productivity. Use the productivity system or framework discussed in this article.

Productivity System
Unlock Your Highest Level of Productivity

Firstly, What is Productivity? 

Productivity Defined

The definition of productivity in economics is output per unit of input, meaning, the greater the quantity of the output the better.

Productivity Definition (

But True Productivity is not marked by how many activities you get done but what activities you accomplished.  

The quantity of what was done does not necessarily mean more productivity. It is actually, what we do and the quality of it.

We could be busy recreating, watching television, scrolling through social media for hours. But barely making time for family, our health, and meeting important deadlines. Our life can be full of ‘cache,’ just slowing us down. 

True Productivity

True Productivity is a measure of how efficiently you accomplish the important tasks in your life within a certain period. It is not measured by the number of tasks but the quality (tasks deemed important).  

Keep in mind, the term ‘busy’ is not a synonym for productivity.

So whether you accomplish the tasks prioritized as most important at the end of your planned period or not is what determines true productivity. 

The Key to True Productivity-

A Productivity System or Framework

The Key to unlocking your greatest level of productivity is Adopting and Implementing the RIGHT FRAMEWORK or SYSTEM

A Framework or system is the outline or blueprint to approaching a problem with a positive outcome. Having an image of what you want to achieve is good, but how do you move from where you are to accomplish that goal. The interconnecting steps are what make up the framework. 

The system need not be complicated. To be implemented daily into busy lives, efficiently and effectively simplicity is important. 

The 3Ps Productivity System- 1 Key 3 steps

Productivity framework

The 3Ps Productivity guide is easy to follow, implement and guarantee results. The Productivity Framework or System that works

Plan- Pen to Paper

Have you thought or said these statements?

We forget to accomplish tasks, even some deemed important. (YES)

“I will remember.” Moments or even days later, “Shocks how could I forget that.”(YES)

“I am sorry; I was so busy today it slipped my mind.” (YES)

Our brain is beautifully and wonderfully designed, it can causes us to learn languages, skills and even to remember events in our life. However when you learn and continue to use a skill,” write Drs. R. and B. Bruun in their book The Human Body, “you are training your neurons to connect in a new way. . . . The more you use your brain, the more efficient it will become.”

Develop the skill of writing your thoughts down on paper.

The benefit of Pen to Paper- 

  1. In harmony with that thought, research has proven that Writing by hand regularly can increase memory and retention. The act of putting pen to paper activates areas of the brain that helps comprehension and make impressions on the brain. Whether young or older writing down your plans, making a literal to-do list helps increase the chances of you remembering a task and getting it done.
  2. Having a physical to-do list compare to a mentally prepared one allows the perceived to become a reality. Meaning, the mental to-do list may look nice in our head but when placed on paper it helps us see if it is realistic.  Helps with prioritizing and arranging activities logically and again realistically. 


To Prioritize simply mean to put in order of importance. 

What is important to me may be different from what you may consider being of greatest importance. 

Some of us may still have some difficulties in prioritizing. If you find it a struggle to determine what is more important than the other or struggle with finding time for a series of all important things, Read the following articles:

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Importance of Prioritizing

As mentioned True Productivity is a measure of how efficiently you accomplish the important tasks in your life within a certain period. It is not measured by the number of tasks but the quality.  

Without prioritizing you could just be busy but not productive, feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day.

Benefits of Prioritizing

  1. Increases productivity
  2. Clear the ‘cache’ in life that may be slowing us done
  3. Help gain extra time at the end of the day or week. Learn how to gain 5 and more extra hours a week. 3P Productivity System – Busy Career Woman
  4. Gain control over your time and what your choose to do with it.

Production by Reflection

Productivity System- Production by Reflection

To increase the quality of what we produce at the end of a task, day, week, or whatever duration, reflection is very important. 

Looking back helps us see our weaknesses, failures and even our SUCCESSES, which is a GOOD THING.

Keeping account of our successes helps keep us moviated and helps us see our strengths.

Reflection also makes clear our failure, disappointment, and weakness which many persons are afraid to accept. However, viewing them for what they truly are, strengthening aid and self-improvement is what we may need to reach our highest level of productivity.

Reflect, learn, adapt, grow and continue to improve becoming the best version of you and increasing your efficiency. That is a skill of successful people. 


Productive Framework
Steps clearly outlined, with examples.

The key to true productivity is having the proper system or framework. A good framework will guarantee continuous success. Having a simple and effective system increases the efficiency of busy lives and in turn productivity. 

Do you want an easy-to-follow guide on how to implement the 3Ps Productivity System or Framework with practical examples?

Ask no more 3P Productivity System – Busy Career Woman