Do you feel unproductive? Unproductivity is the feeling of not producing much. You may be going all day and still feel like you haven’t gotten anything done.

Which of the following statements best describes you?

‘I don’t have the desire to work/clean or do anything today.’

‘I have too much to do; I don’t even know where to start.’ (Time going while you ponder on this)

‘I have so much to do and so little time.’

Whether today or yesterday, we have all made one of those statements at some point in time.

Many of us have heard the quote: Hard work leads to success.

Those words may have some credit to them, but it is also deceptive. It leaves many people thinking once they work hard, “burning the midnight oil,” success will always come.

That is not necessarily true. One could work as hard as they want and progress to nowhere. Like a hamster on a wheel.

Counterproductive Mind-set

  • Thinking Busy is Productive

It is possible for one to be busy doing nothing. “Never Mistake Motion for Action,” Ernest Hemingway. 

  • Success is measured by Quantity

Having plenty to do, doesn’t necessarily mean you are accomplishing things that will make your day, week, or life any better.

  • Mental planning

Outlining mentally what you plan to accomplish for the day or week is good. But it is not the most effective and reliable method. Our brain is a wonderfully designed complex organ but if we rely solely on it to remember stuff we will be in a lot of trouble. Write it done! Store it somewhere else.

  • There is always tomorrow

I have a riddle for you: What is always coming but never arrives? Hmmmmmmmm

Answer: Tomorrow. Think about that for a moment. 

Do your best today and the next day will be even better. 

  • No time for a break

Taking breaks at work or school, yes requires time but it increases productivity. Trade-in a few minutes for hours of increased efficiency and effectiveness. Five benefits of taking regular breaks at work – CIPHR

  • Waiting to be motivated

Trust me, if you waiting to be motivated to do something your wait may be longer than you think. Because motivation doesn’t always come when we need it.

How do you overcome unproductivity?



Learn to write down the tasks your wish to accomplish for the day or week. Then place them in order of importance. If you having difficulties in determining the level of importance or if all tasks seem important read this article.

After determining which of all the tasks you wrote done are deemed most important those are the ones you build your time around.

When planning you should avoid these mistakes.

Prioritizing is tantamount to the true definition of productivity.

True Productivity is a measure of how efficiently you accomplish the important tasks in your life within a certain period. It is not measured by the number of tasks but by the quality (tasks deemed important).  

That is the difference between Busy and Productive.

A wise man once said, “The way I am running is not aimlessly; the way I am aiming my blows is so as not to be striking the air.” Having clear targets for the day (a task or two you deem most important) helps you direct your time, energy, and resources wisely.

By accomplishing the things, the more important things you with develop momentum and progress, becoming a better version of yourself every day. No more running in circles and feelings of disappointment.

Motivation and Fun


Having the desire to act is important. It is what fuels us to start, go on and continue.

There are different types of motivation; Extrinsic and Intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivations are drives that occur from the outside of an individual. Like praise or tangible rewards.

Intrinsic motivations originate and arise from within a person. Like the self-gratification of a clean well-organized bedroom.

Because motivation doesn’t always come when we need it, one must be able to develop more intrinsic motivation. Read to find out more.


Why do we separate work and fun?

There are so many life lessons I learned from games I played in elementary school and remember to this day; 20 plus years later. Yet I graduated from high school and university and can’t remember ¾ of the stuff I learned in my courses.

Or what about the daunting task of research, cleaning, and completing reports. Why have we developed a practice of separating fun from work?

Life is not a game but who says we can’t make it into a productive and well-meaning one.

For example, break up large tasks into smaller ones, set a time limit on each task, and reward yourself when completed successfully. Or at my place of work, a few of us play a game called ‘wordle’ but to play we must finish at least one of our important tasks for the day.

Adding fun to anything makes it more appealing to start, go on, and continue. Time does fly when you having fun.

Get some more ideas on how to add fun to your everyday activities.

Realistic and Reasonable

Our minds are like virtual reality. We can do anything. In the real world, we soon realize we are limited by a lot of things that are beyond our control.

For that reason, it is important to write out our plans, set times for them, and space them out over a reasonable period. Keeping into account, breaks, meals, sleep, and our loved ones. 

Many times we feel unproductive because we set tasks and make plans that are not realistic to our situation and reasonable to our resources (time, energy, money, etc.)

It is not that you are setting limits to your growth, you are acknowledging what you have to work with to reach the highs in your life.

I learn an acronym from a basic IT course I did. 

G.I.G.O- Garbage In Garbage Out. This means, that what I put into the system is what I get out. So I should not expect the best results if I but in poor quality work.

And for me to get high-quality work, depending on the task, a reasonable and realistic approach could be allocating enough time to get it done. Or using the right tool the right way.

Either way, remember in life we get out what we put in and true productivity aims at putting in quality of the most important tasks.


To fix unproductivity would require that we are aware of the counterproductive mindset many persons have. Being honest with ourselves we are best able to make the needed adjustments.

What do you need to do?

– Learn to Prioritize

– Develop Intrinsic Motivation

– And be Reasonable and Realistic with your situation and resources.

Productivity is impartial, it is available to all of us. Live the best quality life you can, and start by downloading your personal free Ultimate Productivity guide.