Low Productivity is not an option. Tiredness is not welcomed in our busy life.

With limited time in the day, we have to use our time wisely. To efficiently do so we must be productive, identify what is important, prioritize these activities and implement them by taking action.

As busy as we are productivity is key.

But with constantly running against the clock we can experience the number 1 catastrophic effect of productivity.

What is the number 1 negative effect of living a productive life?

 Answer: Tiredness

Low productivity

Are Tiredness and Fatigue the same thing?

We may interchange the terms tiredness and fatigue but for the clarity within this article, they are different in meaning.

Extracted from a medical article, “Fatigue is more than just tiredness.”

Fatigue: Why am I so tired, and what can I do about it? (medicalnewstoday.com)

How tiredness affects You?

Yes, both tiredness and fatigue affect the quality of our output.

However, this article focuses on tiredness because fatigue especially chronic fatigue is often associated with underlying health conditions or problems.

Tiredness can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. This will in turn affect our output or results in accomplishing our daily tasks.

In other words, if unchecked productivity can cause tiredness which in turn can affect our level of production; Low Productivity.

Having a busy life and a lot of important activities to accomplish results in a loss of energy so we need to replace that energy.

We need to keep the balance for what we put in in order to get out. Remember true productivity is about quality results.

To illustrate:

Imagine you were given a cash bag filled with 100 dollars of single bills. It’s not much I know, but that is what we have to work with.

Cash Reserve

At the beginning of every day you are to present this cash bag and it must have no less than 100 dollars. If you have more well better yet.

You are expected to use said cash pan throughout the day to accomplish activities.

Everything you do that requires energy, spending from the cash pan.

But remember at the beginning of the next day you are expected to present this cash pan of no less than 100. 

What would you do? I know I would spend my limited dollars wisely, not on worthless activities, and engage in activities that will replenish my expenditure plus some.

Illustration explained:

A healthy and well-rested body is equivalent to the cash pan of 100 dollars.

When we interact, work, accomplish activities we are exerting ourselves at different levels. It is like we are spending or using from our reserve (our limited cash pan).

This is what makes us tired at the end of the day or week. The more we do the more likely we are to feel tired.

Hence the importance of using our time and energy wisely. Efficiently accomplishing important tasks within a certain period. (True Productivity)

But if we start our day with less than 100% our level of productivity will be low.

How to avoid low Productivity? Replenish Our Reserve

4 Things to Reduce Tiredness or Replenish our reserve

1)Take Breaks

Take a Break
Rest and Replenish

As you transition from one planned activity to another take a few minutes to refresh. Or strategically place breaks throughout the day.  

Don’t feel guilty for taking a free minute. That is what you need to accomplish the next task more efficiently.


  • Get up from your seat and look out a window
  • Walk out the room have a snack or a cup of tea
  • Chat with a friend

Taking these breaks as we move from one activity to another or strategically placed throughout the day will “decrease the development of tiredness and increase productivity.”

The Importance of Taking Breaks – The Wellbeing Thesis

The average time of 15minutes for every 50minutes to an hour is considered beneficial. It’s long enough for your brain to release some tension and leave you feeling refreshed. But not long enough that you lose focus and negatively affect your momentum.

2)Get sleep

Sleep- reduce tiredness
Sleep can refresh a tired soul

I know we want to get it all done but it is best to ensure we do so strategically. Read my 3step productivity guide (The 3Ps).

In addition to implementing the 3Ps, to best utilize your waking hours you must be honest with yourself.

Are you most alert or have the least distractions at night or mornings?

I am most alert at night time compared to mornings.  So I do all I can the night before. This allows me to wake up the next day and just dive straight into my planned day.

If you are most alert early morning well ensure you go to bed at a reasonable time to facilitate your early mornings.

Studies and research shows adults should be getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Work accordingly.

3)Exercise regularly and eat healthily. Exercise improves our health and alertness.


You don’t have to join a gym.  Walk up the flight of stairs instead of the elevator, put on some music or a music video, and dance. Engage in morning or evening stretches, cardio. Be Creative.

It is easy to eat fast food because of availability and convenience but it is essential that you put quality into your body.

Ever heard of garbage in garbage out (G.I.G.O) this has many interpretations but the principle is the same. What you put in is what you get out.

If you want optimum performance out of your body treat it well

4)Make time every week for you.

Me Time

Create ‘Me’ time. Spend more time in the shower pampering yourself. Watch your favorite movie or start that book you wanted to.

You can just use the moment to be by yourself and reflect.

You are a priority, show it by making time for yourself.

We aim to be busy but productive with elegance and style.

Tiredness, Replenish

Tiredness can be a negative effect on having a productive life but once you implement the 4 steps mentioned you can be refreshed for tomorrow.

Start your day at 100%


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