ARE you productive? ARE you a person of principle? The fact is, everyone is guided by principles of some sort, whether you realize it or not. Even productivity has core principles.

What are Principles?

The ORIGIN of the word Principle comes from the Latin word principium meaning ‘source’, principia (plural) ‘foundations’, from princeps, princip- ‘first, chief’.

A principle is defined as “a general or fundamental truth: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption on which others are based or from which others are derived.” (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary)

Principle Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

A principle is a fundamental source or basis of something.  Like a compass, it guides our decisions and determines the direction we take in life despite varying circumstances and similar situations.  

What are the 8 principles of productivity?

1)Organized Thoughts- Planned Out Activities

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you went in for? Or a burning feeling like we had something important to do but can’t remember what it is?

For many of us, our thoughts are traveling through our minds at great speeds. That is okay. But learning to organize them will increase your productivity.

One of the best things to do is write it down. It may seem very simple but nothing beats a good old pen to paper.

Using our hands, holding the pen, seeing our thoughts, maybe even reading it aloud, telling someone, gets a lot of our senses involved. Touch, Sight, Hearing.

Our senses help our brain makes sense of the world and affects our memory. So the more senses we get involved the greater our organizing skills and impact on our memory.

Organizing your thoughts on paper (even electronically) increases the possibility of remembering the tasks. In turn, we can clearly chart out our day, week, month, etc. increasing productivity.

2) Prioritize

Even unplanned, Life has a way of keeping us busy. But being busy does not always mean one is productive.

True productivity is a measure of human efficiency in accomplishing important tasks within a certain period. It is not measured by the number of tasks but the quality (or importance).

A fundamental law of productivity is not just getting all we want to be accomplished but ensuring the more important things are accomplished first.

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3) Reflect

Looking back at our past is not always recommended but to self-improve, we can learn from our mistakes and make changes in similar future decisions.

Success comes to those who allow themselves to be trained by failure. Always looking for ways to adapt and adjust helps us become more efficient.

Make time to reflect at the end of an important task and at the end of the day.

In reflection of our day, we also want to assess the positive. What worked well and why? If something worked, hold on to it. No need to re-invent the wheel but we can personalize it.

4) Value time

Time is a commodity. Despite our financial status, a day is a day for us all. How am I using my time?

To be productive one needs to use this commodity wisely and treat it as valuable as it is.

We should never view time with a ‘sale’ mentality. As if it is something cheap and undervalued. Though some of us may have more leisure time than others we want to remember the value of the commodity. 

Whether we are using it or not, time is passing away. Who do you admire? How do they use their time? Most likely they value their time and avoid wasting it on things that distract them from their goals.

What you exchange time for (or do in its place) tells what is most important to you. So don’t say something is important, show it by allocating time to get it done. 

5) Balance

We are not machines designed to just work and work. And even those machines need to rest to avoid over-heating and to recharge.

We were designed to enjoy life. To smile at the sight of a beautiful sunset, to laugh in the company of friends, and to dance with the interjection of music.

Making time for breaks, rest, family time, vacation or simply me-time actual allows us to recharge and increases our productivity.

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6) Persevere

To persevere means to ‘hold firmly and steadily to some purpose, state, or undertaking despite obstacles or setbacks.’ It implies continuing resolutely in the face of adversity, being tenacious, not giving up.

Success Through Perseverance — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY (

Even with the best of plans and willing desire unforeseen occurrences befall us all. But if thrown off track we shouldn’t all it to keep us down.

Having a persistent attitude leads to success.

I have an equation that helps me accomplish all my goals despite setbacks.

Success= Goals + Momentum + Failures +  Reflection + Momentum

Always keep ongoing. When a similar obstacle arises because of reflecting on the previous failing we will best be able to adapt.

We can also learn from other person’s failings, we do not have to burn to learn on our journey to success. But is we do keep going. You will accomplish that goal either short-term or long-term.

7) To Increase happiness

The discussion on what is happiness can be left for another time. But despite who we are we all desire to be happy.

The feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is one of the most addictive feelings. Because we have that inert desire to be happy.

A principle of true productivity is ensuring the activities we engage in and prioritize as most important are meant to add happiness to our life.

8) Self-improvement

The aim of achieving true productivity is good. But a reflective question is, Why? Why am I aiming to achieve true productivity? The motive for our actions is core to productivity.

To achieve true productivity, ensure the task we allocate time for, we view as important, we sacrificed something else for, IS for our best.

We were marvelously designed and have and are capable of achieving greatness. Some have chosen to efficiently accomplish tasks that brought immediate or long-term harm to themselves and those around them. 

Self-improvement is a principle to productivity because productivity is measured by results. But QUALITY results. Always aim to become a better version of YOU.

These Principles of Productivity are the foundation for the most successful and amazing version of you.

Remain Busy but Productive.