Habits versus Goals


Being Productive and having habits have a mutual relationship. James Clear of Atomic Habits said it best, “If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.” He explained, “Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.” True productivity is accomplished by building effective systems than setting goals. The idea is not to achieve a single accomplishment but to create a cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement.

So goals help keep our focus and give us direction but developing a system of effectively getting things done will help mold you into the best version of you. 

Why habits are important to success?

Habits mold or shape us into who we are and can become. So if you desire to be an excellent teacher, a great wife, a successful business owner then adopt the right habits. 

Habits can be to your detriment or can improve your life. 

A truthful article likens a habit to fire. A fire can be a welcome light in the dark, and it can warm our bodies and heat our food. Yet, fire can also be a ferocious enemy that destroys lives and possessions.

Let Force of Habit Work for Your Good — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY (jw.org)

Productivity habits
Habits can be good or bad

How are habits formed? 

Habit formation is the process by which behaviors become automatic. Habits can form without a person intending to acquire them, but they can also be deliberately cultivated—or eliminated—to better suit one’s personal goals.

Can habits be changed? 


Habits can be changed and can change your life. Cultivating the right habits is the hack. Productivity Habits for success

Habits for productivity and highly successful women

– Plan or Design Your Day 

The 3Ps Productivity Guide can help you develop the right habit for good planning. Pen to Paper, Prioritize and Production by Reflection. Download for free.  

Steps clearly outlined, with examples.

– Take 5 minutes and Reflect.

Every morning and night take 5minutes to meditate on positive things in your life. 

Within this time outline at least 3 things you are specifically grateful for and how you plan to use your day ahead to show appreciation. 

Whether it be life, you are thankful for, how you choose to use your time reflects your appreciation for the gift. 

Whether it is your family, make quality time to spend with them. If you are grateful for your job, then give quality work. 

Whatever you are grateful for, meditate on it, that positive attitude can help wear down the negativity that will come your way.  

Attempt this challenge to help start on the path to developing this habit. 7 Days Productivity Enhancement Challenge – Busy Career Woman

– Read daily

Ensure it is for self-improvement. 

I do not have the luxury of spending hours reading, but I make time even if it’s 10mins to read a few verses from the Holy Writings. 

I have honestly never been a big reader of books and with my busy schedule, I don’t have the time to dedicate to them. But audiobooks have allowed me to have the best of two worlds. 

I know you avid readers may disagree but with my busy schedule having audiobooks have allowed me to keep my schedule and keep self-improving. I call that merged time. You can read more about this time-saving concept. 7 Ways to Gain Extra Time – Busy Career Woman

Honestly, it is this habit that pushed me to start this blog and online business. 

– Balance- Make time to de-stress or relax 

“Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind.” 

Those are trustworthy and reliable words. True productivity is the measure of accomplishing IMPORTANT tasks within a period. 

Your body, your mental health, and your spirituality are IMPORTANT. 

We want to get all our other tasks done. And yes we will. But you are important, take the time busy bee. 

Get in the habit of having a specific day and period of the week that you don’t make any plan. Because that is your time. 

Over the years it has become known that Friday afternoon after 5 pm that’s my period to do whatever I please. (even if it is work but on my business 😉 )

Assess your life, there is a day and a period within that you need to seize. At first, you will have to make a conscious effort to avoid booking things at that time. But be persistent.

–  Sleep

Proper rest is what keeps us going. This mortal body needs certain things for it to function, sleep is important. 

Yes, it will have the days where we push to get the task done. But get in the habit of going to bed a certain time and waking up at a certain time. 

I love to sleep but I know longer waking hours help get more done.

Honesty will help develop the right sleeping habit that fits. 

There are many articles, videos, and podcasts that speak about waking up at 5 am. 

But you tried it and it didn’t work for you. That’s ok, It didn’t work for me either. 

I function best at night, FULL STOP, not early mornings. What takes 5minutes to complete at night, takes 30mins at least, early morning. (despite how much sleep I get) 

I do all I need to the night before including pack my lunch, take out my work clothes, and style my hair. All because of the time those simple tasks would take me to do in the morning and I take it back with sleeping later. (7 am)

Even if I go to bed at 12midnight I get my allotted sleep.

–  Prepare for the next day

As previously mentioned, preparing the night before increases the productivity of the next day. It’s like having the blueprint to a successful day. 

At work, co-workers will ask you, “how do you get it done?” the answer, “the night before.”

Trust me, you will illuminate among your peers. Seize the day. 

Avoid procrastination 

Just start. Waiting for motivation is a trap. Don’t fall into it. Truly productive persons know that action leads to motivation and with discipline momentum builds, which leads to more action (getting things done).

Tap into your motivation reserve now, especially for the task that you find difficult to do.  

– Develop self-motivation

Motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic.  

Intrinsic motivation is more long-lasting than extrinsic which can be temporary. Learn more.

When no one is around to give you the drive to continue or the physical reward sudden isn’t as tempting this is where being self-motivated is important. As busy persons you know it takes a lot to keep going. 

Develop the ability to persevere

Be equipped for Success

These habits do not come overnight but once they are developed you will be guided to success. 

Start planning and designing your blueprint with free printables to make you the person you desire to be. 

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