“Time is a spirited horse; you must learn how to control it.” The key to time management is learning to prioritize. By learning the skill of prioritizing you can reach your highest level of productivity.


What is Prioritizing?

To Prioritize means to list or rate according to importance.

Prioritize Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

You, like the next reader, all have the same among of time in a day. Yet one can be more productive than the other. How you choose to spend your time and on what activities will determine your level of productivity.

Why is prioritizing important?

Time passed cannot be returned. But time well invested can see returns.

Accomplishing activities on their level of importance determines whether you will have little time in the day to get all your task down OR extra time to get it all done and more.

Accomplishing the most important tasks increases your level of productivity. And prioritizing allows you to manage your time to the extent where you will get all you need to do with extra time to get what you want to get done.

‘Make time for the more important things.’ It never fails.

An experiment that makes the point clear on prioritizing is the Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand illustration.

How to Prioritize

A group of students was given a bucket, rocks, pebbles, and sands. They were asked to fill the bucket with the majority of all the material given.

At first, the students placed the sand, pebbles, and then the rocks. Though all the sand and pebbles fit, the majority of the rocks were left out.

After a few tries, the key was placing the rocks, then the pebbles and the small spaces in-between were filled by the sand. The majority of the material given was able to fit into the bucket.

How to Prioritize? Prioritize To-do lists

The Point; ranking your activities based on importance allows for your to ‘fit’ them into your ‘bucket’ or life. And have the room to fit other things you have been desiring to accomplish for a while now.

How to Prioritize?

Make a to-do list

‘The plan of the diligent one leads to success.’

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Writing out all the activities you plan to accomplish over a period is important to prioritize. You need to see all of the things you plan to get done in that time. There are benefits to writing out your to-do. Read the following article: 4 Mistakes in Your Daily Planning to Avoid – Busy Career Woman

Prioritize to-do list

What is important to you may differ from what is to the other reader.

Rank the activities on your to-do list, 1 being most important to 3 being of least importance.

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Schedule your activities

There is no way to totally be sure if a task will be accomplished within planned time but scheduling it reduces the risk of allowing something else to take its place.

By giving yourself an allocated time to complete you will be motivated to accomplish.

Scheduling your activities in your planner or using a free template allows you to implement a time blocking technique. You allocate your resource of time to the activities ranked first into your planner, these are of greatest importance. Then insert the other activities.

Having your activities for the month outlined is good but to increase productivity you need to start macro and grow into micro perspective. Meaning, plan weekly and even daily will help to shift out the ‘cache’ in your life and make room for the more important things to you.

So plan, Monthly, then Weekly, and then Daily. By having your overall goals and fine-tuning your weeks to meet the goals and refining your days you will see the extra minutes grow to hours.

Take control of this spirited horse called time. Hold down ‘the reins.’   

Time- How to prioritize

Be realistic

Scheduling is important but being realistic is also. Ensure the task can be accomplished considering your circumstances and within the allocated time. Leaving room in-between scheduled tasks is called buffer time. Doing this allows for adapting when distractions or unforeseen occurrences emerge.

Being realistic is subjective. Never use someone else’s measuring stick to measure your success. You will always come up short. You are to gauge your progress and accomplishments based on your life, circumstances, and goals.

How to prioritize when everything is important?

Prioritize by Urgency.

Situation: Tomorrow, those reports or bill payments are due and the family function is next week. Both may be very important to you but which needs your time most urgently?

Prioritze by Self-Improvement

Self- Improvement is important in becoming the best version of yourself. Determine which activity helps you to improve who you are.

Situation: You enrolled in this online course and your good friend invited you to a housewarming party. What would you choose? Do view that one online session as just one class missed? View it as a stepping stone to a better you. Probably after attending your online class, you may be able to attend the housewarming, even if it’s just for a little while. The friends or people worth keeping would understand your motive.

Prioritize based on health

Your life, like time, is a gift. So prioritize your health.

In the Caribbean, there is a saying, “Wok doh dead people do.” So when faced with two important tasks always prioritize your health, whether it be physical or even mental.

Sleep, exercise, and me-time are just as important as finishing that report or completing that project.


How to Prioritize?

  1. Make a to-do list
  2. Prioritize to-do-list
  3. Schedule activities
  4. Be realistic

How to prioritize when faced with multiple important tasks?

  1. Prioritize based on urgency
  2. Prioritize based on self-improvement
  3. Prioritize based on health

Prioritize and Execute to increase productivity.

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