Once we are alive, we all have a valuable asset despite our status in life. The rich, the poor, the busy, and the lazy, all have the same amount of it in a day, month, and even a year. What is it?

Yes, time. Whether we are using it or not, time waits on no one. I am sure you heard that many times.

For many of us who desire to be more productive, see and appreciate the value of time. Time Management is important.

An extract of a poem on Time

Miriam Brown wrote:

 “When I have time so many things I’ll do

To make life happier and more fair

For those whose lives are crowded now with care;

I’ll help to lift them from their low despair,

When I have time.”

9 Poems About Time, Short Poems (stresslesscountry.com)

The poem goes on to highlight all that she desires to do if she had the time.

Is that your sentiment? Do you desire more time?

We are unable to add time but we can definitely gain extra.

What is the difference you ask?

One we have no control over and the other we control.

We cannot add hours to a 24hour day or change the quantity of a minute of 60seconds to 120seconds. But we surely control what and how we use the time in a day to have extra to allocate where we desire.

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Time Management, Why important to us?

Solomon a wise man recording in Bible says, “There is an appointed time for everything, a time for every activity under the heavens.” His recorded words go on to show in life every activity has its appointed time.

For all who enjoy gardening, there is a time to plant and a time to reap.

In life, maturity shows us there is a time to be silent and a time to speak

All things were made beautiful in their time. Even we have eternity placed into our hearts; the desire to live.

So we were designed to utilize time to maximize results, aka efficiency.

So if we all have an equal among of time in a day and the ability to be efficient, how do make use of our time? Read what is True Productivity.

7 Practical Ways to gain extra time

The 2nd step in my Productivity guide is Prioritizing. It is important to efficiently use our most valuable asset of time. 

A hack in gaining extra time after prioritizing activities is MERGING the less important activities. Download your free guide to help you prioritize.

It is not that these activities you merge are not important it is just suggestions on how to implement merging of time used for daily activities to gain free time (or extra time).

Time Management Tips- Merge time:

Cooking and Washing

Time Management

I merge cooking and washing time every week.

For example, how long do you take to cook a meal? 1 hour and 30mins, 2 hours?

How long do you take to wash clothes? 2hours, 3?

So instead of using about 5hours of your day or week MERGE.

I would take the longer timed activity in this case 3 hours and use that to get BOTH washing and cooking done.

Some Downtime and Prep

At the end of a long day at work, we all desire some downtime. Nothing is wrong with that.

For some downtime moments, I merge minor activities that will help other activities be done more efficiently. What do I mean?

For example, when sitting and just relaxing in front of the television or viewing youtube videos I would take a bowl with vegetables that need to be diced. Yes, those carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, squash, whatever it may be, I dice them up, place serving size in parcels and refrigerate.

So when it is time to cook I take already diced or peeled items, which makes cooking more efficient.

For parents, even having fruits cleaned, prepared, and displayed in the refrigerator entices the kids to eat them. Well, it entices even us adults to consume healthier foods, so imagine the youths. The hack is the work is already done and it’s an arm’s length away from being consumed.

Traveling and planning or reading

On ‘long’ trips I use the time to plan activities, of course not when I am driving. The time is passing away anyway why not utilize it.

I may plan my 3 meals for the week. I do not cook every day of the week but if you do definitely knowing what you want to cook each day helps to be more prepared and efficient.

Or I may review my weekly prioritizing planner to update or adjust activities. Get your free downloadable template

I am going to be very honest with you, I am not a big reader but I do see and know the value of reading so I do use times like these to get it done. Something about reading outside or in a nice environment makes it more appealing to me.

Driving and listening to audiobooks

Time- Use it wisely
Time is passing why not use it productively

As mentioned if you are not an avid reader like myself audiobooks may be better. It is for me. I have listened to more audiobooks that I have personally read.

My imagination is alive still in my 30’s and I put it to great use with these audiobooks or recordings.

So if you had a book you desired to read and haven’t found the time as yet apply this merging concept. Find an audio version and play when engaging in other activities like driving, washing wares, cleaning the house even folding clothes.

Or use the extra time gained from merging time for activities to actually read your book.

Commute and exercise

I look for any opportunity to walk. I have the privilege of working relatively close to my home. In the evenings after work with fair weather conditions, I walk home.

It sounds difficult to walk after a long day at work but honestly, it is quite refreshing. I get lost in my thoughts, plan mentally, enjoy the open air and alone time all while engaging in the healthy practice.

I love to walk. My friends may not always appreciate it but they normally attach that to the reason for my physique. I don’t know could have some truth to it.

So I merge time by getting physical activity into my day or week with time commuting.

Self-maintenance and chores  

I merge time spent on chores or household activities with self-maintenance. Yes having me-time is important and that should be kept separate but I am talking about self-maintenance activities we do daily even weekly.

For example, once a week I clean our bathroom, scrub the shower floor, the walls, deep clean the toilet and faucets. But I merge this with bath time. Once a week I try to exfoliate and ‘shave’, these bathe times are normally a little longer than the daily showers. So I merge this type of self-maintenance with cleaning the bathroom.

So before I start my process I spray down the bathroom surfaces with an appropriate detergent. I clean the toilet, scrub the bathroom floor and walls. Then I shift momentarily to me. I may apply my hair removing cream. While that sits for its appropriate time I rinse the shower floor and walls. Then I remove my hair and continue my process.

On leaving the bathroom I mop the floors.

Another merging in this category I do often is steam my hair and clean the house. So while sweeping and mopping or tidying up I place a steam pack or oils into my hair, cover with a shower cap and allow my body heat to lift those hair follicles and absorb the goodness.

Work breaks and Messages

Gain extra time by using time wisely

During the week, work takes up a lot of our waking hours so I merge activities within once I can. 

For example, during my break at work, I take 15mins and attempt to call or message my loved ones, especially those who I don’t physically get to see daily or weekly.

The poem mentioned in the opening ended with this stanza,

“Now is the time! Ah, friend, no longer wait

To scatter loving smiles and words of cheer

To those around whose lives are now so dear;

They may not need you in the coming year

Now is the time.”

By merging time we can gain extra time in our day and even prove to be more productive. Learn other ways to increase productivity.