Successful women are all around us in society. We admire their achievements and may imitate them in some aspects of our lives. Having role models in areas you do want success is good. Looking at what they did as a template can also assist us on our journey. Success has different meanings to each individual, but when the topic is discussed it alludes to achieving the version of yourself you are proudest of. This article highlights things successful women are doing and may highlight a few things you are not. 

Successful Women:

1) Exercise True Productivity. 


Productivity is not just getting all or as many things done but is measured by your ability to accomplish the important things with your time. 

Successful women take control of their time.   

Women who have achieved greatness in life despite having the same number of hours in a day all know how to prioritize. 

As a woman, we carry out many roles on a daily and everything demands our time. 

Snare to your success: Trying to get it all done. 

Successful women know how to prioritize and they are not afraid to eliminate ‘caches’ in their lives. Caches are those hidden files on your phone that have the potential to slow down its function. Sometimes we have tasks, activities, habits, or persons in our lives that slow us down or just hold us back from improving. 

A successful woman is not afraid to eliminate when needed. 

2) Accept their Limitations


We are amazing and wonderfully designed but we are still human. Society has molded us to believe we need to hide our imperfections. 

We are not all great cooks, we are not all accountants, and we all don’t like to wear heels or make-up. Some of us are more outgoing than others but that’s ok.  

No one is perfect even those who you may admire and wish to imitate. Those persons have humbly accepted their flaws and spend time making their strengths shine. 

I heard this statement- “If you use someone’s measuring stick to measure yourself, you will always come up short.”

At times we identify our limitations in others and see how well they may be doing in that regard. We are comparing our weaknesses to their strength. Do not fall into that snare. 

Self-improvement is always encouraged but should not be confused with perfection. 

Embrace and accept what makes you, you. Wasting time and resources on hiding our limitations or measuring our limitations with someone else’s strength is not time well invested. 

3) Develop Positive Habits 


James Clear of Atomic Habits said it best, “If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.” He explained, “Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.” 

Successful women always set goals. It’s what keeps us going but true productivity is accomplished by building effective systems. The system or habits developed is how one reaches those goals and successes. 

The idea is not to achieve a single accomplishment but to create a cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement.

How can you develop the habits needed? You are one click away

4) Take breaks


To achieve and maintain success requires time and energy. 

The snare: Thinking spending all your waking hours working will grant you lasting success. 

 ‘ Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind.’

Or what you think of this one:

‘A live dog is better than a dead lion.’

Both proverbial sayings allude to the fact of taking care of ourselves and taking breaks are important.

Successful women prioritize their health and wellbeing.  

Yes, we need to work and take care of everyone and everything else, but guess what? You are important too.

Breaks are up to you. From coffee breaks to spa nights to weekend getaways. Everyone needs to be replenished to go again functioning at their best.

5) Organize

“Getting Organized Is A Sign Of Self-Respect” Gabrielle Bernstein

Snare: Thinking you are a failure if you don’t have the skill to organize.

Not everyone is good at organizing efficiently and effectively but a successful woman knows the importance of having things organized.

Whether you have the skill to be organized or you implement a system someone else designed for you, having things in their place adds to your productivity and success.

The Importance of Being Organized! – Kimmel Psychology

  • Being disorganized can negatively impact one’s mental health.
  • Structuring oneself gives a sense of control in unpredictable times adding to one self-confidence and overall performance. 

The time taken or used to organize things allows for hours of true productivity and improved health of individuals. 

6) Reflect 

Snare: Thinking to reflect is just longingly looking back

Looking back for long periods under most circumstances has negative consequences but periodically can save lives. 

Reflecting on past actions can’t change what was done but can help to mold what can be done better and more efficiently in the future. Key to true productivity.

Celebrate wins and accept failures, reflect on them to determine why they turned out the way they did and what can be done to improve. 

Successful women know to remain successful self-improvement is a constant feature. 

What kind of woman looks into a mirror and sees filth on her face or clothing and goes away without addressing it? Not the woman you desire to be.

7) Self-Motivated

The snare: Waiting to be motivated. 

Successful women accept the fact that even if it’s the thing you love doing most, you will not always feel motivated to do it. 

But they also understand there is a cycle to generate results when you are not motivated. 

Action——>Reward—–>Discipline and Motivation —-> Action (momentum)

A self-motivated woman doesn’t rely on extrusive motivation because they are temporary. But successful women develop intrinsic stimulators allowing for a more long-lasting drive to act. 

Read more on this.  

In conclusion, we are all able to achieve greatness.


– Exercise True Productivity

– Accept your limitation 

– Develop positive habits

– Take breaks

– Organize

– Reflect 

– Self-motivated

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