Productivity enhancement will help get you and keep you motivated. Lack motivation? As women, especially as working women, we are always busy. Our work, our family, our friends, our health, our sanity all demand time or an amount of our attention.

True Productivity is a measure of efficiently accomplishing important tasks within a given period. And at times we do not feel like we were productive?

Accept this challenge. Become motivated, Become Productive.

With this challenge, you can measure to a degree Productivity as a busy working woman.

Rules of engagement to this productivity enhancement challenge:

  1. Must be committed to finishing the 7 days
  2. Follow guidelines closely
  3. Ensure ‘good’ night rest every day (7 to 9 hours)
Increase Productivity for Working Women

Day One- Working Women Week’s Design

Use the first day of this challenge to design the week ahead (six days). You may think this is a waste of time.

I assure you it is not a waste of time Using the time needed to design your week ahead will increase your productivity.

  • Step 1- Get your notepad, journal, or your phone and open to a page to just jot down all of the tasks you must and would like to accomplish for the days ahead.

Just write it all down.

1 for most important activities and 3 for least important activities. Read the guide for details on how to prioritize if you having difficulties in determining.

Now get your free downloadable daily planner to prioritize or your electronic calendar and insert your daily activities into your schedule. Time block each activity ranked 1, first, then insert activities ranked 2 with its appropriate duration.

The activities ranked 3 you are to merge the activities and time. A detailed way to approach this method can be read at 7 ways to gain extra time. For example, cleaning and listening to an audiobook. Or mothers, doing your preparation for work while the kids do their homework assignments. Or washing and cooking.

Instead of allocating time to do activities separately, set one time and try to accomplish 2 or more activities you ranked 3 when prioritizing.

  • Step 3- Reflect

Reflect on your forecasted week’s design.

Do you see any family time? Did you allocate a devoted 30mins or 1hr to your spouse or children?

If not insert it as an activity into your schedule. They are important and true productivity is measured but accomplishing important activities. If your schedule looks ridiculous then merge BUT must be an activity you can do together and bond. Some examples are washing dishes together, eating dinner together, prepping meals together.

Meaningful conversation can occur over such merged activities. And allow for regular interactions as these are activities done almost daily.

Do you see any time for YOU? My friend, you are important.

Insert time for you. Whether it’s a long dreamy shower, time to disappear in a corner and read your favorite book, or to check up on social media. Insert into one of your days, Me-time.

Now your design is finished.

Good! What you see before you for the days ahead is your productive week design.

Day 2- Increase Productivity- Accomplish at all cost

  • Step 1- First thing in the morning, take a few minutes to ponder on positive things. List at least 3 things you are appreciative of in your life?

Sit have breakfast or drink a cup of tea/coffee.

  • Step 2- Review your activities scheduled for the day. These are your targets. Do not miss them. For some activities, you may have to put a reminder on your phone.
  • Step 3- Now you are ready and set so time to GO!

Your aim today is to get ALL your tasks for the day accomplished. Your productive day awaits

  • Step 4- At the end of the day, reflect. Today your success is measured by you accomplishing your scheduled activities. Did you complete all? Hope you did
  • Step 5- Review activities for tomorrow. Make necessary adjustments to your design.

Day 3- Increase Productivity- Add Quality

  • Step 1- First thing, take a few minutes to ponder on positive things. I use this opportunity to read a small portion of the scriptures. You can do what is best for you. Make time to start your day with positive and up-building thoughts.
  • Step 2- Review your activities scheduled for the day. These are your targets.

But today in addition to accomplishing all your tasks, you will be selecting ONE of the activities you have scheduled to add something to it.

  • Step 3- Add quality to the specially selected activity. I know you may pride yourself on a consistent standard of work but today it must be done a bar higher.

What do I mean? Add a noticeable ‘flare’ or pay a little more attention to the details of completing the task.

If it is a report for work make sure it’s of the highest quality possible. Present it in a well-labeled folder or uniquely designed.

If it is cooking, it could be a new dish or one you prepare every week but this day add to the presentation or a special ingredient to enhance the taste.

If it is your kids’ online classes or in-school visits, add a thank you for the teacher or present a token of appreciation.

However, today you are being measured by accomplishing at least one task with the highest quality. If you could move the person on the receiving end of the activity to say ‘wow’ or ‘well done’ or ‘thank you,’ or you are impressed with your level of work, then goal achieved.

  • Step 4- Reflect.  

Were you able to achieve all your tasks and add outstanding quality to at least one? Hope you were able to.

Also, make time to review the schedule for tomorrow and make adjustments accordingly.

Day 4- Add Motivation and Add Efficiency

  • Step 1- Like the days’ prior start with a few minutes to focus on upbuilding thoughts. But in addition, on a sheet of paper or within your dairy/journal draw a straight vertical line down the center of the page.

In the left column, write down all the reasons why you MUST accomplish your activities scheduled for today (desires). Try to write at least 7 reasons.

On the right column, write down at least 7 negative consequences if you DO NOT get these activities accomplished today (fears).

  • Step 2- Review your schedule for the day. Do not forget if you have to add a reminder to your phone do so.
  • Step 3- Today’s goal is to ensure efficiency and motivation. You are time conscious today and sensitive to your desires and fears. You may have been time conscious thus far, to accomplish all your tasks, but today you are not to waste time.

Avoid unnecessary distractions. If the call or message is not important and are just casual check-ups avoid them until the scheduled task is accomplished. Place phone on ‘focus mode’ or airplane mode during a time-sensitive activity.

A little self-control may be needed. If not turn off your data or internet connection on your phone for the allotted time. Trust me, if they need to get on to you they will try different means.

Some activities can really drain our zeal or determination, take out your list constructed this morning with your desires and fears, and review.

  • Step 4: If you finish tasks before allocated time, reward yourself, take a break and then get back to it.
  • Step 5: At the end of your day reflect, did you accomplish all your tasks efficiently? If you did, you accomplished part of day four challenge.

Did your list of desires and fears prove effective in motivating you through the day? If no spend time at the end of the day to re-construct your list. Give it some serious thought and make necessary changes.

  • Step 6: Review your schedule for the next day. You would need to determine where you will be adding waking time to your day.

You will be adding 30minutes to your waking time for day 5. Wake up 30mins earlier in the morning.

Day 5- Accomplish Efficiently and Add Style

  • Step 1- Take your few minutes of positive reflection or reading
  • Step 2 Busy or not we are women and we do everything with style. Use your 30minutes extra this morning to apply a little more care in to your appearance.

By now you must feel the weight of the week on our shoulders but we must not continue to carry in still.

So spent the little extra time in putting together a noteworthy outfit for work today, your best professional make up look, or a little attention to your accessories. As women we carry many roles and we are capable of carrying it out in style.

Make sure and look the part today. Being efficient in style is what you being measured on today. Do well to accomplish.

  • Step 3- Reflect and Review. Review your designed scheduled activities for tomorrow an ensure you have all completed to gain a restful night with a little additional recreation.

Day 6- Busy but Productive Working Women

By this day you have implemented into your week Positivity, Planning, Prioritizing, Persistence, Efficiency, Motivation and Style.

Today’s aim to get all you have implemented over the last few days and accomplish all your activities for today. But the try test would be in ensuring 7-8 hours sleep.

Day 7- Productivity Enhancement

In addition to carrying out your scheduled activities use this day for major reflection. If some way allow the way you were not able to complete your scheduled activities or faced with an overwhelming number of tasks, you then must learn to eliminate.

Do not be afraid to eliminate activities when their is a conflict of time and quality. Select to accomplish the activities that add to a better version of you for tomorrow.

As women we carry many roles in our lives and daily. What makes us good at it is that we can master the art of true productivity.

I hope you accepted this Productivity Enhancement Challenge and even after continue to implement certain elements into your daily lives.