These productivity tips guarantee you will become a highly productive woman. Quantifying what a woman can do seems nearly impossible. We carry out so many roles in a day, a week even a lifetime. Being a working woman is just one of many aspects of our lives. 

The title likens these tips to platinum. Why? Platinum is soft and ductile but has a high melting point and good resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks. 

Applying these 5 productivity tips in your life to achieve high levels of productivity despite life’s constant demands and keep you motivated amidst life’s anxieties. 

Highly Productive Women

The confidence of this post is based on the fact that these tips have been tried, tested, implemented, and proved successful by successful women.

I heard this statement recently. It was meant to be discouraging however, I viewed it differently.

 “The brighter a lady shines the faster she may burn.” 

How do you interpret this?

My response was, “It depends on what fuels her.” Cause with the right fuel we can burn brightly forever. Our name and what we stand for can endure throughout time. 

What are some of the roles you carry? Are you a wife, daughter, employee, employer, accountant for the family, caretaker for a loved one or many, teacher, mother, nurse, a cook, do you maintain the home? And for some, this list is what they carry out daily.

This post and others linked below can help you shine brightly and cause you to shine brightly. It is not always easy, and finding the right fuel can be difficult. Read this article to gain unlimited motivation

There is a scriptural saying“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

One doesn’t have to be spiritually inclined to appreciate the principle behind these words.

What that simply means is what we say and do is a result of what is within. 

So the long-lasting motivation needed comes mainly from within. To complete any task, and get it done the most impacting driving force comes from within. 

Yes, rewards can be external factors or extrinsic but those factors are temporary motivational stimulators. To keep motivated one must aim to either identify or develop deep-rooted or intrinsic stimulators. 

What are these tips I promised, you may be wondering at this point? 

Here they are. 

5 Productivity Tips

Productivity Tip One

Learn to control your time


I know it’s easier said than done. As already discussed we have so much to do at work, at home, and with our families, you may reason, ‘there isn’t enough time.’ YES, THERE IS. 

Once you are alive, you have time. 

Everything today you did, you choose to do over another task. You have the choice. 

Time passed cannot be returned BUT time well invested can see returns.

Choose to do things that will improve you for tomorrow, next week, or even a few years from now. 

Time can get away from us more quickly than we realize it like a wild spirited horse over time, tame it, by reigning it in regularly. 

Keep check of your time. Planning and Prioritizing can help with that. 

That takes us to tip two

Productivity Tip Two

           Have a productivity system

The key to true productivity is having a proper system or framework. A good framework will guarantee continuous success. Having a simple and effective system increases the efficiency of busy lives and in turn productivity. 

I have used the 3Ps Productivity system, and it works.

Productivity System for Highly Productive women

– Pen to Paper

Just take a few minutes, I guarantee you will gain returns, and jot down all you have to do. 

– Prioritize each activity.

Rank all activities from 1 to 3, with 1 representing the most important things to you. After you are to insert into your calendar, starting with the activities you ranked 1. 

– Production by Reflection 

At the end of the day, reflecting on the tasks you chose to accomplish and how you get them done will allow for reshaping and rethinking some things. 

These steps once followed ( can find details in the article entitled ‘How to Unlock True Productivity? The 1 Key’ ) will help you develop your own system that works.   

The 3P Productivity system can also help you gain ‘extra’ time or teach you to control and gain the most out of time. Check out the step-by-step guide

Productivity Tip 3 


‘ Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind.’

Or what you think of this one:

‘A live dog is better than a dead lion.’

To me, both proverbial sayings allude to the fact of taking care of ourselves. Yes, we need to work and take care of everyone and everything else, but guess what? 


Work will always be there; ensure you are, by doing what is in your ability to be around to accomplish it. 

Simple things productive women do: 

 -make time to get sufficient sleep

– eat not just healthy but on time

– exercise regularly (somethings take the stairs at work rather than the elevator). 

– What about me-time? Do you have one? Refer to productivity tip two and prioritize yourself, whoever shines the brightest knows this is important. 

Productivity Tip 4

           Appreciate the now

My great grandmother told me, “do what you can now, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.” Those words have rung truth throughout my life. 

If you can do it today, do it today.

Do you have to finish a report for work?

Why not clean up your desk or cubicle at the end of the workday? That is one less thing to take time to do tomorrow.

Cooking the night before or taking out your clothes and ironing the night before. 

Wash the dishes tonight before you go to sleep. 

These are simple tasks that we can get done now, we really don’t know what life will be like tomorrow. 

Those are just some of the simple things that can be done now just do it. It takes seconds or minutes and saves hours and frustrations later on. 

Productivity Tip 5

           Note the importance of self-improvement

Highly Productive Woman

The best version of me may not be your best version. We all aim to look at who we are and be proud of what see. 

Make choices that will help you to grow in various aspects of your life. 

Take time to reflect and ponder on the choices you made today. Was there anything you would do differently? Why? 

Spend time meditating on uplifting thoughts and things in your life you are grateful for. Doing so will help fight the anxieties that bring stress and negatively affect our health. 

Nothing is wrong with taking time to get your hair done, pampering yourself, or a new outfit. Those tasks add confidence.

Work will take up a lot of your waking hours but you are important to make time for yourself. 

Avoid the time absorbing people and tasks that do not help you attain the best version of yourself. Avoid those toxicities. 

Highly Productive Women:

Highly Productive Woman
  1. Learn to control their time
  2. Have a productivity system
  3. Be Balance 
  4. Appreciate the now
  5. Note the importance of self-improvement

Try these tips for a month, and challenge yourself. You deserve to be the best version of who you can be. Continue to shine bright. 

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