Daily Planning is crucial to productivity. Time waits on no one, and it’s the commodity we all have an equal share of, invest it wisely. With planning the day there are 4 mistakes you most likely are making. These mistakes may make you feel ineffective or conclude that Daily Planning is not for you.

Mistakes When Planning Your Day

The following are common mistakes persons make in planning their day and trying to manage their time.

Planning your day
Choose to spend your time wisely

1) Not Having a Proper Framework

Some persons plan in their heads, some write down on pieces of paper, others make recordings of themselves. What is yours? Do you have a consistent way to plan the day?

Writing down on thoughts has many benefits.

For a simple and easy 3 step guide to develop a proper framework for planning, adopt the 3Ps Productivity Framework. The guide is free for download.

Having a proper framework allows you to have more control over your activities and time. And in the event of disruptions (that will happen) allows you to adapt quickly to readjust your schedule.

Highly productive persons all function with a particular framework, something that is efficient, simple, and easy to adopt.

2) Not Planning Regularly

The few minutes spent planning your day will allow for hours of efficiency.

Because of feeling pressed for time or you may just find planning a waste of time so you end up just going through the day attempting tasks as they come. With this approach, time is squandered.

Learn practical ways how to glean more time from emerging activities.

It is like a person who inherited a large sum of money they did not anticipate, though their deepest desire to put it to good use which they may get some good done. They will still look back and say, “I could have done things better.”

That is why most lottery winners end up broke in a few months from winning. They didn’t plan effectively.

Planning can help us avoid regretting certain actions or wasting time.

Planning before the start of a week and reviewing your daily plan the night before can help increase productivity.

Take charge, you are in control of your time.

3) Not Prioritizing

As busy people, we have so much to get done in so little time. How to get it all done?

I am not a programmer but ever so often I clear my phone of cache files. I learned that clearing these removes temporary files that affect the smooth function and efficiency of the device.

Clearing the cache helps boost the performance of my device. The accumulation of these non-essential temporary files can slow down the function of your device.

In our life, we have, ‘cache’, things that are not essential or important to our self-development but take up time and slow us down from accomplishing the more important things in life.

Taking time to prioritize your tasks helps you get the more important things done with room to accomplish many more. Check out how you can get 5 and more extra hours a week by downloading the 3Ps Productivity Guide.

And the reality is some things will have to get eliminated. Remember it is okay to say No to persons and activities.

4) Not adding realistic Margins

Do not schedule things back to back without a buffer time. When something goes wrong which will happen, it doesn’t have to throw off your productive day.

To be honest, we have all fallen victim to the tendency to plan events back to back to each other. It looks lovely on our Planner but off the paper into real life, it can lead to a disaster. The disaster can discourage us, making us think the planning system failed or you were not able to get all things done so you were unproductive.

Do not fall into the trap of making the planner look pretty and full and it is not realistic to carry out.

Leave sufficient buffer room in-between tasks.

Why is Planning Important?

Planning the Day

Highlighting the mistakes in this article are not meant to make anyone feel bad about their attempts to plan, but to help improve and increase productivity.

  • Planning helps us take control of your time and your day. The mere fact that you choose to being doing a certain task at that given time of the day is cause you choose to. Think about it. Yes, work is important, cooking is as well but you still always have a choice to do that or something else.

So the fact that you have taken from your resource of time to get that task done you took control. And that’s why the notion of getting the task done to the best of your ability is also crucial. You choose to spend your time here, so make it count.

  • We hear of rags to riches stories all the time. One thing most of these persons recognized is the value of their time.We are all giving the same amount of time in the day, budget yours wisely. Budgetting it wisely allows you to get the best use of your day, week, month, year and life.
  • Writing down tasks and getting them accomplished helps increase our drive to continue. It helps build our motivation. Learn how to tap into your unending reserve of motivation.

Daily Planning Reminders

Have a proper framework- 3Ps Productivity Guide

Steps clearly outlined, with examples.

Plan Regularly (daily, weekly and monthly)

Use the following to help you reach the level of productivity you desire.

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Filter your life and be able to accomplish true productivity. Clear the ‘cache’ in your life.

Be realistic

Learning from the mistakes made is a key to success. Don’t ever view the possibility of failure with fear but with courage. Learn, adjust, move on and grow.

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