To be Productive tomorrow the words of H.Jackson Brown Jr are true. ”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

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Though we do not know what tomorrow would bring and there is no need to add anxiety to life by being overly anxious about things we don’t know. We still need to plan. Don’t mistake worrying and being over anxious with ensuring you gift yourself the best Tomorrow you can.

We all at times desire to have more hours in a day. To get this project done, to accomplish this one more task, or to enjoy the moment with loved ones.

Maximize your waking hours tomorrow by efficiently accomplishing important tasks.

To be productive one must identify what are important activities from the activities that just absorb our time. Accomplishing a great number of tasks doesn’t mean we will have a productive day. Read, ‘The 1 true definition of Productivity.’

What are some productive things to do today for increased productivity tomorrow?

Productivity can be improved by these 3 tested and tried unfailing tips.

Increase Productivity

Plan today for tomorrow to Increase Productivity

This involves 2 of my 3 step productivity guide. This guide can be used to plan your week to gain 5 or more hours of extra time. The principles can be used to increase your levels of accomplishments when you just have an hour or two or plan for the day ahead.

  • Step 1- Make your To-Do list put your plan on paper

Write down on a sheet of paper or your planner all the things you would like to accomplish tomorrow. Write it all down, don’t leave it in your thoughts. 

Knowing something is important does not mean we cannot forget it. Just write it done.

Next to each activity you would like accomplished tomorrow write down the time you expect to take to accomplish said task

  • Step 2- Prioritize each activity you wrote down. Rank from 1 to 3.

Activities that are considered most important to you should be ranked 1 and those that are of least importance 3.

Find it difficult to rank activities?

Answer these 2 questions to determine

Is this urgent? (Yes/No?)

Do I have to complete or attend this by a specific day and time of the week? (Yes/No?)

If you answered YES to BOTH questions you are to rank the activity as a 1.

If you answered NO to ONE of the questions you are to rank the activity as a 2

If you answered NO to BOTH questions you are to rank the activity as a 3

For the activities, you labeled 1 and 2 insert them into your daily planner for tomorrow. ‘Time block’ those activities.

Those labeled 3; find ways to merge activities or just eliminate if it doesn’t need to get accomplished by tomorrow.

It’s like refining gold. You are separating the purified gold from the impurities or bulk. Refine your day tomorrow.

Prepare tonight

Just take a few minutes to gain more tomorrow.

Do minor activities tonight to remove the impurities of tomorrow.

  • How much minutes in the morning we waste looking for clothes to wear? Too much

Layout what you intend to wear. It sounds simple but allows for a smooth process in the morning.

  • Organizing what you having for breakfast and lunch can also help in increased productivity.

If we don’t, our morning will start busy or rushed but will not be productive. Time can be easily lost on these minor tasks. For a productive day, we are to focus on the more important task, we are aiming to produce quality.

Your level of productivity is measured by you efficiently accomplishing the important tasks you planned for the day.    

  • A tip for a productive day, have a clean environment.  It increases my productivity for the next day when I wake up to a clean environment.

To have that preparation, tonight is important. It doesn’t require as much effort as you think.

Just return all items used throughout the day back to their place.

Clean the counter, kitchen sink, or dishwasher of dirty dishes. Bonus if you can pack away the clean dishes.

Return the remote to the TV console.

Have kids? Depending on their age make tidying up a game, “Let’s see who can finish first.” Set a timer for 2minutes or whatever reasonable time. Within that time move quickly to pack the toys and items used throughout the day. Get them involved.  And don’t forget to reward them for their fine work.

Go to bed with positive thoughts

An ancient but timely Proverb says, ‘A calm heart gives life to the body.’ That is a scientifically sound statement.  

Mayo Clinic states some benefits to positive thinking.

Positive thinking: Reduce stress by eliminating negative self-talk – Mayo Clinic

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Ending our day with positive thoughts helps us leave today’s anxieties here and allow us to look at tomorrow with a ‘glass half filled’ mentality.

What can you do to encourage positive thoughts?

  • Reading positive reassuring words
  •  mediating on the good things in your life, I make it my personal aim to recount 3 things I am grateful for today.
  • Listening to up-building audios and music

If you have a lot going on in life that increased your stress this practice will not transform you into a stress-free overly positive person overnight, but it does allow us to approach the next day with a clearer mind and determined spirit.