What is a Working Wife?

Are you working full-time or part-time (whether at home, for an employer, or have your own business) AND married? If yes, you are a Working Wife.

If you are like me, you strive to succeed at all you do. 

But whether you are recently married or recently started to work while being married or have been doing them both for a while and find yourself struggling to give A˖ at work and home. Or 

Do you find it hard to be consistent at keeping the balance between work and home? 

The following tips are just what you need to become the best (‘perfect) version of wife and worker and be successful at both. 

What is Perfection? 

The thought of perfection is drawn from the Hebrew terms ka·lalʹ, sha·lamʹ, and ta·mamʹ meaning complete. 

In the absolute sense of the word, no human is perfect. 

So for success in your family life and in your career, you must recognize we are not aiming for absolute perfection but relative. You aim to be able to give YOUR best to your mate and your job. 

Relative perfection– Meeting the standards set at the completion of a task. 

The very meaning of perfection requires that there be someone who decides when “completion” has been reached, what the standards of excellence are, what requirements are to be satisfied, and what details are essential.

The fact that you are reading this post is because you have high standards and wish to achieve them. 


13 Tips on to Become the ‘Perfect’ Working Wife

1) Realistic and Reasonable 


The human brain allows us to think and process information around us, it also generates creative and critically thinking. However, planning in our minds only may allow for impractical and faulty decisions. 

For example, we may have an appointment after work and some errands to run before going home. In our mind, it is possible but may not always pan out to be realistic. 

Throughout the day we receive another call that requires an additional stop in our errands, work may run a little late that day and other small things may occur that we mentally didn’t plan for. (it happens).

The likelihood of forgetting something, making a wrong decision, or wasting time on unimportant stuff may arise.

Avoid having unrealistic plans by putting your plans down on paper in your journal or the planner you use. 

Write things down

Seeing the tasks written out allows your brain to process the information and make more realistic decisions. Do you have issues planning effectively? Read this article. 


In addition to being realistic, you must also be reasonable. 

You are limited in how much you can do in a day. 

Saying no is required at times to ‘perfect’ a day. 

For example, it is approaching the end of a work day. Your supervisor asked you to start something that will make you late into the night affecting previous plans you made with your husband. What would you do?

Yes, emergencies happen but, is the request an emergency? Can it be done at another time? Most times it can.  

2) Time Management

No one can control time. We all have 24 hours a day, 60mins in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. But we do have a measure of control over how we use that time. 

As a wife and also if you are a mother, who is working, your day is already stretched. Read the following article and see practical ways you can actually ‘gain’ extra time in your day.

7 Ways to Gain Extra Time – Busy Career Woman

Highly successful women have a simple productivity system that helps them get to master their time. Download your free guide now, and ‘perfect’ your life. 

You could develop your system but I follow a simple 3 step guide:

– Pen to Paper (write down all that have to be done)

– Prioritize (identify and insert into the planner the more important tasks first) 

– Reflection (take time to think about how I could have done a task more effective and efficient) 

Productive Framework
Steps are clearly outlined, with examples.

3) Prioritize

As previously mentioned there is only so much time in a day and working demands so much of it. Being married, taking care of a home and if you have children additional responsibilities seem endless. 

We all wake up as busy women wanting to have a productive day. But what does it mean to be productive? 

Productivity in life is a measure of human efficiency in accomplishing important tasks within a certain period. It is not measured by the number of tasks but by the quality. (quality is determined by the level of importance of tasks and how well the task was accomplished)


From the free productivity guide you would see that placing tasks you deem most important will ensure your time is spent on accomplishing those activities and will lead to completion and room for other activities. 

Make time for the more important things.

4) Be organized

Being organized is a skill, just like a skilled artist, and a skilled contractor. 

Some persons have this inert skill, others most acquire it and some must hire it. Whatever way works for you and your household and work, it is important to be organized.

Having things in their place and having activities in a time slot may sound rigid but it is quite the opposite when a proper system is in place. 

Wise words recorded say, “There is an appointed time for everything.”

Having a time for work, a time for relaxing, a space for appliances, a corner for cleaning material, and a cooking slot during the day and week (you get the point), allows for great use of time and space. And allows for clear slots for other activities.

So if a friend calls and asked if you can meet them to do something, you can say yes or no with certainty and know when would or wouldn’t be the best time. 

Clean space and an organized scheduled will make any person (much more a hardworking woman like yourself), shine. 

5) Make time for your Spouse 

With technology and easy communication, quality family or couple’s time is affected. Many may sit to have a meal together, go out on dates, or just plan to relax at home together but are distracted by phone calls, emails, and text messages, from work, social media, etc. 

For some, making time to spend with each other is easy but is it quality time, where your attention is on your spouse? 

For those who find it hard to find time for each other, revisit point 3, make your spouse a priority. 

Communicate with each other, what time of the day are you both home and alert? What day of the week can be set aside to go out or enjoy each other company at home? 

Spend quality time together. Keep technology in its place, work at work (or during your work time if you work at home), and put other distractions away.

Spend quality time together

6) Communicate openly

Oxford Dictionary defines communication as the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.

Life has a way of making us busy, tired, and irritated. Do not take it out on each other but be each other’s support or figurative oasis. 

For example, do you and your husband work? Have you ever felt like though you both work all the housework is left to you? Talk to him.

Let your husband know how you feel calmly and respectfully. 

Or probably you may find that he is spending too much of his free time with his friends while you struggle to do it all. 

I am a young wife and work full time while building my own business, we can do it all but to achieve quality, we need help. Nothing is wrong with talking to your husband and making clear your feelings. 

You may be surprised, he may not have known how you felt and be willing to help. 

7) Make time for yourself

I believe how someone looks tells a lot about the individual’s personality.

Have you ever just looked at persons and was able to gather a little about them? 

It is not judging but our perceptive powers. All humans have it but I believe women’s perceptive powers are stronger. 

The point is, what do persons perceive when they look at you?

Taking a little time for yourself on a daily and weekly basis goes a long way. 

Our hygiene, hair, and mental health can all be addressed with big activities but most of the time with small things. 

For example, a little longer shower or bath, gardening, exercising, having your favorite meal, or drink, listening to music, reading a book, or learning a new skill. The list of small things you can do that will make a big difference in your appearance is endless. 

Make time for yourself it is not selfish is important.

Me Time

8) Take time to Reflect

Reflection, mediation, and creative thinking are all aimed at us taking time to ponder on our past, present, and future. 

To be the best version of a working wife you can be, you must be able to learn from errors, run with successes, and determine possible future actions. This can be achieved by developing the habit of reflecting every day. 

Reflection helps develop foresight. 

9) Make clear boundaries

 Leave work “at work” and details of your married life at home. 

Do not be in the habit of bringing work home or discussing marital problems with every and anyone who would listen. 

The overlapping of these boundaries can be hard to untangle and may place strain on each aspect of your life.

Keeping each in its right place allows for focus. Focus allows for the completion of tasks with quality (perfection)

10) Show Respect   

Do not let society’s trends erode your work ethic and respect for each other spouse. 

There are numerous videos displaying person high unprofessionalism, disrespect to customers, and lack of appreciation for their bosses or job. 

Let our conduct and work ethic speak of our value and worth. 

How do you feel when your husband praises you in private and in public? Giving you genuine attention as he listens to you? It feels good.

Remember respect goes both ways. 

Love and respect are contagious. 

11) Work at home together

Yes, there would be chores you may not like to do or are not skilled to do and there would be things your husband doesn’t like to do or is not capable of doing. 

But making time to work on chores together is special bonding time. 

My husband use to dislike washing dishes, still not his favorite chore, but after we made it a routine to wash dishes a few times together he finds more pleasure in it. During that time, we talk about our day, our plans, and stories of the past, and we laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

I challenge you to try it, it doesn’t have to be washing dishes, it could be cooking, cleaning the yard, washing clothes whatever. Try it for about 2 weeks and tell me how it went in the comments. 

12) Be patient

Be patient with yourself and your spouse. Newly married couples like myself are settling into a routine of living together as husband and wife. 

Your husband may not have the same way of doing things as you do. So be patient with each other and openly communicate. 

Work or your mate may get in the way of the other, things happen, forgive adjust and move on. 

13) Don’t compare

Comparing your husband or work life with another person’s is putting you at an unfair disadvantage. Avoid such pitfalls.  

“If you use someone’s measuring stick to measure yourself, you will always come up short.” 

You keep working on yourself, what you are capable of, what your life involves, and focus on your situation. 


No one is perfect in the absolute sense. But once we set 

  1. reasonable and realistic standards
  2. manage our time
  3. prioritize
  4. be organized
  5. make time for yourself
  6. make time for your spouse
  7. and make time to reflect
  8. communicate openly
  9. set clear boundaries
  10. show respect
  11. work together at home
  12. be patient and
  13. don’t compare

Your journey to becoming the BEST WORKING WIFE you can be will be successful.